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Jeff Erickson

Jeff has always been a student of the world, a committed family man and is the Top Selling Broker at the LIV Sotheby’s Boulder office. Before moving his family to Boulder in 2000, Jeff was the most sought after
building contractor in Key West and the proud owner and CEO of Erickson Builders. With an unwavering pursuit of excellence and a resolute advocacy for preservation, Jeff was largely responsible for the renaissance of “old town,” Key West one house at a time. He received numerous awards for excellence in renovation and his attention to detail was instrumental in preserving the architectural integrity of the island’s most prominent and historic homes that would ultimately lift Key West from obscurity and onto the pages of Architectural Digest.

A young daughter and quality schools brought Jeff and his family to Boulder where he continues to use his special skills as a full-time Realtor, a testament to his endless enthusiasm and commitment to making the buying and selling of real estate as enjoyable as possible. In addition, Jeff’s dedication and principles of integrity include an unusual depth of knowledge for the often complicated process of buying and selling water rights in Boulder County. He’s also a staunch defender and advocate for clients, eager to represent a wide range of properties, whether a cozy mountain cottage, condo or luxury home, as well as a keen interest and understanding of both farm and ranch-style properties. With Sotheby’s cutting edge marketing and Jeff’s personal commitment to quality service, your property will receive maximum, full-color exposure and the benefits of an award-winning builder, now realtor with 17 years of real estate experience in Boulder and Boulder County. Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Superior, Lyons and the suburban mountains and plains.

Jeff is partnered with his wife, Carliss, a winning combination who collectively share more than 60 years of real estate experience. They have a daughter, Rebeccah, who currently lives and works in Boulder as a transitional caseworker for Attention Homes, a local non-profit benefiting homeless teens. Jeff is a licensed pilot, following in the footsteps of his father, and someone who enjoys the Colorado lifestyle with a game of golf, or skiing and hiking outdoors; but “globe-trotting” is the family favorite whenever time permits. After winning his “bout” with cancer, both Jeff and Carliss enjoy giving back and volunteering at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in support of those undergoing treatment and providing much needed assistance to oncology nurses on duty.